CORE Trip to Rausch Creek – Green/Blue Trails – Saturday, 18 February

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CORE Trip to Rausch Creek – Green/Blue Trails – Saturday, 18 February

Post by Prez on Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:56 am

CORE Trip to Rausch Creek – Green/Blue Trails – Saturday, 18 February

I’m planning a trip to Rausch Creek on Saturday, 18 February and plan to ride the green trails and some blue trails (if people are up to it).  Be aware that you cannot get into or out of the park without going through puddles that are rocky. However, a stock 4x4 should be fine for this trip.  Please note that that February weather conditions may increase the difficult of the trails. For more information about trail ratings go to:

Rausch Creek is located in Pine Grove, PA and is a pay-to-play off-road park.  For more information about Rausch Creek including cost and rules for pets go to:

The following items are REQUIRED for the trip:

·         All participants must have a completed CORE Emergency Medical Form which can be found at

·         All guest must have a completed CORE Trip Waiver Form which can be found at

·         Vehicles must be equipped with a fully operational four (4) wheel drive system, with low range.

·         Vehicles must be in good condition, with good tires, steering and brakes.

·         Front and rear tow points are required and must be properly mounted.

·         A matching full size spare tire that must be in good condition, a lug wrench and a jack capable of lifting the vehicle off the ground.

·         Seat belts for all occupants. Seatbelts must be worn at all times.

·         We will be airing down for the trial.  There are air compressors on site for people without portable compressor or air tanks.

The following items are RECOMMENDED for the trip:

·         First Aid Kit

·         CB Radio – We will be operating on Channel 22.  We may have some portable CB radios for sharing but I can’t guarantee that we will. I encourage everyone to bring a CB if they have one, it helps during the day to communicate what is coming up, you have a weird sound you need to stop for, or anything else.

·         A heavy duty recovery strap with looped ends (no hooks) should be in good condition.

·         A fire extinguisher that is accessible in an emergency.


For more information about required and recommended equipment go to the CORE website at

You have the option of caravanning with us up to Rausch Creek or meeting us there. Below are the meeting times and location options:

1000 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21703 - GetGo - Leave at 6:30am
10 Molleystown Rd, Pine Grove, PA 17963 - Exxon - Leave at 8:35
Rausch Creek - 453 Molleystown Road, Pine Grove, PA 17981 - Be there by 8:45

If someone wants to suggest another starting location for people coming from DC area or elsewhere feel free.  Just plan on topping gas off near Rausch Creek so you show up with a full tank, and making it to the park at about 8:45.

Once I hear from everyone, I will send out another email will all the details.

Thank you,


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